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Silver Cup

PC Windows and Linux


PC Windows, Linux and Android TV


PC Windows and Linux


PC Windows and Linux


PC Windows


PC Windows


A little bit about our story.

  • before 2016

    My story

    I grew up in arcade places, playing Galaga, Gyruss, R-Type, etc., so I decided that I should work developing games. But life sometimes is not what we expect. I think it’s better late than never.

  • 2016

    I decided to start

    After millions of ideas in my mind, I decided to create a shmup game, based in WWI theme, because I like and I miss games with this kind of thematic.

  • 2017

    Defining all about the game

    After hours and hours writing everything about the game, I decided to start how to learn Clickteam Fusion to use this engine to build the game. You can see some of my "lessons" on Youtube clicking here.

    I’m a terrible designer, all of my attempts in creating the sprites was a disaster, so I decided to contract Rista Gema, a freelancer to help me with this and after that Alfonso Villablanca came to illustrate everything, so I called Nicole Marie T to create the songs and special effects we have Synth5.

  • Future

    New projects

    All of my ideas are in a safe place. When this first project ends, I’ll start the next one as soon as possible. I thought in a platform game, another shooter (in this case, vertical scrolling) and more. Let's see what is gonna happen.

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